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Is Deadpool a good?

  1. Is Deadpool a good?
  2. Who is the main bad guy in Deadpool?
  3. Who is Deadpool's girlfriend?
  4. Who are Deadpool's allies?
  5. Is Deadpool a good friend?
  6. Does Deadpool have a best friend?
  7. Why does Deadpool hug the killer?
  8. Who does Deadpool have a crush on?
  9. Who is better Spider-Man or Deadpool?
  10. Does Spider-Man hate Deadpool?
  11. Does Deadpool have a boyfriend?
  12. Does Deadpool fall in love?

Is Deadpool a good?

First of all, Deadpool is a very atypical hero, just as he was a very atypical villain. He does his heroics with unusual brutality and he doesn't really embody the virtues a superhero should represent. Sure, these were mostly bad people – generally – but it still means that his heroic side has a very dark counterpart.

Who is the main bad guy in Deadpool?

Francis Freeman, also known as Ajax, is the main antagonist of the 2016 superhero comedy film Deadpool. He is based on the character from Marvel Comics. He was a member of the Weapon X Program and the man responsible for the creation of Deadpool.

Who is Deadpool's girlfriend?

Gretchen WilsonDeadpool/Significant others

Who are Deadpool's allies?

Deadpool alliesVenompool.Venom.Lady Deadpool.Domino.

Is Deadpool a good friend?

Leave it to Deadpool to establish himself as a good friend of not only a fellow superhero but one of his biggest enemies as well. While Deadpool is good friends with a notable enemy of Daredevil's (more on that later), he is also friends with ol' Hornhead himself.

Does Deadpool have a best friend?

Weasel is a friend, sidekick, information broker and arms dealer for Deadpool. Weasel is perhaps Deadpool's best friend. However, because of his frequent mood swings and tenuous mental state, Deadpool still often abuses or mistreats him.

Why does Deadpool hug the killer?

Wade kills the invaders, but his target from the earlier job comes in when he isn't looking. Wade chooses a violent, self-destructive way to get revenge: he catches the killer, hugs him and steps into the road, directly into the path of an oncoming truck.

Who does Deadpool have a crush on?

Spider-ManIt would be an understatement to say that Deadpool and Spider-Man have had a complicated and interesting relationship in the comic books over the years, and the Merc with a Mouth is just as likely to express his undying admiration for the web-slinger as he is to try and kill him.

Who is better Spider-Man or Deadpool?

Spidey is stronger and far more acrobatic than Deadpool. And the web-crawler has a wide set of spider-like abilities. Deadpool is not only ruthless, but he has a healing factor. Yep, he's an unstoppable freak of nature.

Does Spider-Man hate Deadpool?

In the main continuity, Deadpool and Spider-Man have a love-hate relationship. However, in other parts of the universe, they just hate each other.

Does Deadpool have a boyfriend?

Vanessa Carlysle, also known as Copycat, is one of the most well-known love interests of Deadpool. This is thanks to Vanessa being the primary love interest in the hit films starring the Merc with a Mouth.

Does Deadpool fall in love?

While playing hero or anti-hero, Deadpool has found himself in many romantic relationships over the years, despite his violent profession and grotesque physical features. His romantic encounters range from passionate and loving to setups for betrayal, yet they all give an interesting view to the mercenary's love life.

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