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Does anyone die in Into the Woods?

  1. Does anyone die in Into the Woods?
  2. Did the wife die in Into the Woods?
  3. Does the witch die in Into the Woods?
  4. Does Baker's wife come back to life?

Does anyone die in Into the Woods?

In the process, Red Riding Hood's mother and grandmother, Jack's mother and the Baker's wife are killed. The Baker, Cinderella, Jack and Little Red Riding Hood all blame each other for their individual actions that led to the tragedy, ultimately blaming the Witch for growing the beans in the first place.

Did the wife die in Into the Woods?

In Into the Woods, Cinderella realizes she doesn't want to be saved by the prince. So it surprised me that after her one-night-stand with Prince Charming, the baker's wife is promptly killed off while the adulterous prince — who at this point is married to Cinderella — rides away carefree.

Does the witch die in Into the Woods?

Hurt and fed up, the Witch abandons the group as her 'last curse,' and begins to hurl several magical beans into the ground, expecting to be cursed again with ugliness. She then gets pulled down into a tar pit, presumably dead. In other words, she kills herself by making it so the curse destroys her entirely.

Does Baker's wife come back to life?

Continuing her search for Jack, she jumps off of a cliff in her escape from the giant and falls to her death. The Baker's Wife returns for the finale of Act II as a spirit to help guide the Baker and his newborn son go through life without her, teaching him that she always be beside him, even though she is not there.

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