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How did Natsu originally die?

  1. How did Natsu originally die?
  2. Did Natsu die to Acnologia?
  3. Does Natsu die when he kills Zeref?

How did Natsu originally die?

The first occasion was 400 years ago, he was killed as a child by an unknown Fire Dragon, after some time, he was revived by unknown methods by his brother Zeref, who used his body as the ultimae Etherious E. N. D.

Did Natsu die to Acnologia?

Acnologia creates a huge explosion around him, which engulfs Natsu. However, Natsu is unharmed, and he tells Acnologia that there are all kinds of Dragons, some nice and some evil, and also some who are going to defeat Acnologia.

Does Natsu die when he kills Zeref?

Yes, he dies a long time in the past, prompting Zeref to try to revive him, leading to Natsu becoming END (Etherious Natsu Dragneel), the “God” of Zeref's demons.

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