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Did Hakuto like Gaara?

  1. Did Hakuto like Gaara?
  2. Who is Gaara wife Hakuto?
  3. Who is Hakuto hoki?
  4. Who will Gaara marry?

Did Hakuto like Gaara?

So, they arranged for him to meet the woman they chose for him, Hakuto. Gaara was actually okay with most of this since he saw the logic in it, and when he met Hakuto, he genuinely liked her.

Who is Gaara wife Hakuto?

Gaara meets the woman the Suna Council has found as his partner for the marriage meeting: Hakuto of the Hōki family. His first impression of her is that she is beautiful, something that embarrasses him once he realises that she could possible become his wife.

Who is Hakuto hoki?

Hakuto (ハクト, Hakuto) was a genin-level kunoichi of Sunagakure and the head of the Hōki Family. After an elaborate act was performed, Hakuto moved to Konohagakure with Shigezane to live with the Nara clan.

Who will Gaara marry?

The closest Gaara came to marriage was within the light novel Gaara Hidden: A Sandstorm Mirage, where he was promised to a woman named Hakuto. During this story, we find out that she was in love with another man and that was ultimately the end of Garra's arranged marriage.

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