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How did Kakashi get perfect Susanoo?

  1. How did Kakashi get perfect Susanoo?
  2. Can Kakashi still use Susanoo?
  3. Why is Kakashi's Susanoo blue?
  4. When did Kakashi learn Susanoo?
  5. Who is susanoo strongest?
  6. How did shisui get Susanoo?

How did Kakashi get perfect Susanoo?

to Use Susanoo you would need to have ms in both eyes. Kakashi didn't gain the ms in both eyes till obito died and eventually gave him his other eye, when he gained Obito's other eye he then got ms in both eyes and achieved his susanoo.

Can Kakashi still use Susanoo?

Kakashi could only make use of Susano when he acquired Obito's chakra. Kakashi does not have the special chakra, so he cannot use Susano on his own or without eyes.

Why is Kakashi's Susanoo blue?

Kakashi Susanoo is blue. Kakashi doesn't have a golden susanoo, his susanoo is blue. He got his susanoo when obito died trying to save naruto from kaguya's bone spike. Obito transferred his mangekyo sharingan to kakashi as his gift for getting promoted to jonin.

When did Kakashi learn Susanoo?

What episode did Kakashi Hatake get the Susanoo? - Quora. In the episode 473 Kakashi unlocked the Susanoo. This was a gift given to him by his friend, Obito.

Who is susanoo strongest?

1. Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke's Susanoo is the strongest so far, mainly after he receives chakra from Rikudo Sennin. His Susanoo is also flexible, and it can use Sasuke's jutsu like Chidori and Gokakyu no Jutsu.

How did shisui get Susanoo?

Back when shisui was young a friend died and because he was envious of that he choose not to save him but the guilt of not saving the guy affected him a lot and with that he was able to activate the mangekyo sharingan and with training he was able to learn the most powerful genjutsu and he was also granted the susanoo

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