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What is Frieza scared of?

  1. What is Frieza scared of?
  2. Is Frieza afraid of Beerus?
  3. Is Frieza afraid of Broly?
  4. Can Frieza beat Naruto?
  5. Why is Frieza scared of Buu?
  6. Who's stronger Kefla or Broly?
  7. How did Frieza know about Super Saiyans?
  8. Why did Frieza destroy Planet Vegeta?
  9. Can Madara beat Frieza?
  10. Can Sasuke beat Frieza?
  11. Does Buu have God Ki?
  12. Is Frieza a good guy now?
  13. Can base Goku destroy planets?
  14. Can Kakashi beat Frieza?
  15. Can kaguya beat Frieza?
  16. Can Naruto beat Cell?
  17. Can Super Saiyan destroy a planet?

What is Frieza scared of?

Yes, Frieza was afraid of Saiyans. He was afraid of their growth in power rather than the communal growth. The movie “Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku” coveys the same.

Is Frieza afraid of Beerus?

Frieza's disdain of Beerus is something that is very well-documented in the anime, with the once-Emperor having to bow his head down every single time Beerus decided to "grace" him with his presence.

Is Frieza afraid of Broly?

Frieza had no idea Legendary Super Saiyan was a thing at the time. Before the met Broly they saw someone with that transformation. And Frieza still wanted To turn her and Caulifla into a fine paste. I will give it to you though, he was super scared fighting Broly.

Can Frieza beat Naruto?

Frieza can kill all the Naruto characters with a single move, except Obito, Kakashi, Kaguya & the Tailed Beasts. Frieza will destroy the whole planet with a single blast.

Why is Frieza scared of Buu?

The reason why is because Frieza's father told him, When Frieza was resurrected, He was surprised that Goku was capable to defeat Buu because his father had told him that both Buu and Beerus were two people he should never face against.

Who's stronger Kefla or Broly?

Broly would win. Kefla in the anime was on par with an exhausted SSB Goku while utilized SSJ1, and while she was in SSJ2, she was sent flying multiple times by handicapped attacks from a UI Sign Goku. In the manga, she compared up to Potential Unleashed Gohan, who would be weaker than SSB Goku. Broly would win.

How did Frieza know about Super Saiyans?

We know this because Freiza asks Goku to turn SSJ during their rematch in the ROF arc and Freiza was only aware of that transformation. If Frieza knew of SSJ God he heard it passingly in one of his rare interactions with Beerus.

Why did Frieza destroy Planet Vegeta?

In Dragon Ball Z/Kai, it's revealed by Vegeta to Goku during the “Namek/Frieza” Saga before Frieza killed him, that Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta, due to hatred of the Saiyans and also knew that they were growing in numbers and power and that one or more of them could, possibly, have the power to become a Super Saiyan

Can Madara beat Frieza?

Madara Uchiha might be one of the most powerful shinobi in history, but Frieza's power is simply too immense for even this legendary Uchiha to handle.

Can Sasuke beat Frieza?

And Sasuke is in the same tier. Naruto and Sasuke together would probably beat Frieza more easily than they did against Momoshiki. They wouldn't do the same mistake than Gokû and Vegeta: they wouldn't fight him in 1 vs 1. They would use teamwork to be sure that this threat is eradicated.

Does Buu have God Ki?

Actually, buu has had god ki ever since he had absorbed the grand supreme kai, this point was stated in the moro arc in the manga. But the problem was when buu split the evil version took most of the god ki. And the evil buu underwent many transformations eventually becoming kid buu.

Is Frieza a good guy now?

No. He is still a bad guy. He says that in the episode that he will follow his evil ways.

Can base Goku destroy planets?

Goku, as all other Saiyans, is very strong but limited in power. The only way for Goku to literally destroy a planet is with a spirit bomb because all his other attacks rely on his own power. Without the power of others Goku can never achieve the power necessary to destroy a planet.

Can Kakashi beat Frieza?

9 Can Put Up A Fight: Kakashi Hatake There's only one reason why we've put Kakashi as a viable contender to survive an encounter against Frieza, and this can be summed up in one word — Kamui. Without Kamui, Kakashi wouldn't even stand a chance. For that matter, Obito can also give Frieza a run for his money...

Can kaguya beat Frieza?

Kaguya could handle base Frieza, and she has hax capable of dealing with him. Dimension hopping, teleportation, and disentigration needles seem like pretty good ways of killing Frieza. However, in terms of raw power or speed, it just stops being a contest after- at most- two of Frieza's transformation.

Can Naruto beat Cell?

Not only is Naruto strong enough to punch people into the ground and fast enough to dodge light speed attack, but with the power of sage mode combined with the Nine Tailed Beast, Kurama, Naruto has enough in his arsenal to outdo Cell in strength, speed and power.

Can Super Saiyan destroy a planet?

Then he turned SSJ against frieza(which is a x50 multiplier) and his pl went to 150,000,000. Which meant as a SSJ he was capable of destroying Stars. So yes Goku Even in Namak saga can Destroy the earth and any other planet.

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Is Kaneki alive at the end?

Kaneki is alive in Tokyo Ghoul Re as in Manga & last episode of tokyo ghoul s2 you have seen the fight . After that fight Kaneki Lost his memory and the doves took him.

What episode does kaneki come back in Season 3?

Kaneki's memories return during the CCG raid on the Tsukiyama family. The raid begins in episode 10 and ends in episode 12. His memory actually returns fully in episode 12.

Did kaneki kill the one eyed king?

However, the action was different but ended with the deliberate result. Kaneki had no intention to kill Arima because of him being his father figure, so Arima needed to sacrifice himself and have Kaneki take the blame for his death.

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