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How tall are titans in feet?

  1. How tall are titans in feet?
  2. How tall is the tallest Titan?
  3. How tall is a titan in real life?
  4. Why are Titans so big?
  5. How small can Titans be?

How tall are titans in feet?

The flesh-devouring monsters of Hajime Isayama's Attack on Titan range in height anywhere from about 10 feet to a terrifying 200 feet (in the case of the Colossal Titan). But if the bestselling manga and hit anime were bound by the rules of real-world science, just how tall could the Titans really get?

How tall is the tallest Titan?

As a titan, Rod is known to be the tallest titan known in the Attack on titan franchise, standing 120 meters which is 2 times the size of the Colossal Titan, however, due to it's immense size, Rod's titan is unable to stand, making his whole body exposed, showing it's internal organs.

How tall is a titan in real life?

All three Titans are of the same height, each being 15 meters tall.

Why are Titans so big?

The humans become Titans through the use of an injected medicine, and the Titan form they take is due to the type of medicine injected. Therefore, it can be deduced Bertolt Hoover got an injection that gave him the gigantic form.

How small can Titans be?

Three Meter Titans: The smallest type of Titan. Due to their smaller stature, they are the weakest of the Titan types.

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