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Is the Krew real?

  1. Is the Krew real?
  2. Does Funneh have a ex?
  3. How old is ItsFunneh right now?
  4. Who is ItsFunneh's ex boyfriend?

Is the Krew real?

KREW is a YouTube Gaming group that consists of Funneh (Kat La), Rainbow (Betty La), Gold (Kim La), Lunar (Wenny La), and Draco (Allen La). They are all siblings. They all have Individual YouTube channels.

Does Funneh have a ex?

No, but she has an ex named kai.

How old is ItsFunneh right now?

ItsFunneh was born on 31 October 1995. ItsFunneh is 26 years old.

Who is ItsFunneh's ex boyfriend?

James Ashton is a former Yandere High student, and the ex-boyfriend of Liv. He is currently in jail for falsely murdering Valerie Maki in a house fire.

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