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What is forbidden Jutsus?

  1. What is forbidden Jutsus?
  2. What is the strongest forbidden jutsu?
  3. What is Minato's strongest jutsu?
  4. Why was shadow clone forbidden?

What is forbidden Jutsus?

Forbidden Jutsu are special techniques in the world of Naruto that pose a great threat once used, either to the world or to the user themselves. There is a wide variety of these Jutsu in the series and they belong to ninjutsu, genjutsu, and even taijutsu.

What is the strongest forbidden jutsu?

The strongest Forbidden Jutsu of the Uchiha clan is known as Izanagi. This Jutsu allows the user to turn illusion into reality and in doing so, change the events in real life. Most of the time that Izanagi was used, it allowed the user to survive death by rewriting it.

What is Minato's strongest jutsu?

Minato's signature technique, the Flying Thunder God jutsu, is an incredibly diverse space-time ninjutsu that grants the user the ability of teleportation. Knowledge of this technique gave Minato the speed to be considered the fastest ninja in the world in his prime, giving him the nickname: The Yellow Flash.

Why was shadow clone forbidden?

The multi-shadow clone jutsu is forbidden because, if performed incorrectly, can kill the user. One would perform this technique incorrectly by unevenly splitting the users chakra amongst the clones or using too much chakra. Naruto only was able to use this jutsu because of his immense chakra reserves.

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