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Is Deadpool nice or bad?

  1. Is Deadpool nice or bad?
  2. Does Deadpool kill bad people?
  3. Has Deadpool killed kids?
  4. Is Deadpool in love with death?
  5. Is Deadpool a Spiderman?
  6. Is Deadpool a venom?

Is Deadpool nice or bad?

First of all, Deadpool is a very atypical hero, just as he was a very atypical villain. He does his heroics with unusual brutality and he doesn't really embody the virtues a superhero should represent. Sure, these were mostly bad people – generally – but it still means that his heroic side has a very dark counterpart.

Does Deadpool kill bad people?

deadpool is not good but definitely not bad. he tries to protect innocent people. even when he was a mercenary he used to kill only badguys, criminals. he never harmed good people not even beating up them.

Has Deadpool killed kids?

But he draws the line at kids, even if the kids are terrifying monsters. Deadpool is a lot of things, profane, obnoxious and a frequent murderer. But he is definitely not a murderer of babies, even if they are eyeless monsters from a different dimension.

Is Deadpool in love with death?

He becomes infatuated with Death after having a number of near-death experiences. During the Funeral for a Freak storyline, Death appears to reciprocate the feeling, and a jealous Thanos prevents Deadpool from dying and joining the entity by cursing him with immortality.

Is Deadpool a Spiderman?

2:535:41Deadpool Will Help Spider-Man Go Home - YouTubeYouTube

Is Deadpool a venom?

Venom is an alien symbiote that has had numerous hosts including Spider-Man, Eddie Brock, Mac Gargan, Flash Thompson, and in one reality at least, Deadpool.

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