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How was Madara still alive when he met Obito?

  1. How was Madara still alive when he met Obito?
  2. How did Madara not die?
  3. How is Madara reborn?
  4. Why did Madara live so long?

How was Madara still alive when he met Obito?

Madara didn't die at the valley of end. He was alive. Zetsu took Obito to Madara when he supposedly died. When Obito gained his senses back, he left Madara to go meet his teammates.

How did Madara not die?

Anyhow, Madara survived. He collected the blood samples from the spot where he and Hashirama fought and injected is blood in his own blood stream. That mixed blood had a DNA structure similar to that of Otsutsukis, the origin of both the clans.

How is Madara reborn?

Madara used the rinne rebirth jutsu to revive himself. The rinnegan gives you access to the six paths techniques, and one of them is the human path, which governs the laws of life and death. Hence, the person who has the rinnegan can use it to revive the dead, at the cost of their own life.

Why did Madara live so long?

Madara than inject Hashirama's cells within his DNA and at near death's door he was able to unlock the Rinnegan, With it he was able to bring the Gedo Statue from the moon to earth and with it he was able to pump charka into his body in order for him to live longer.

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