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Why does Eren turn into a Titan?

  1. Why does Eren turn into a Titan?
  2. Why can't Eren turn into a Titan?
  3. Is it true Eren becoming a villain?
  4. Why did Eren turn evil?

Why does Eren turn into a Titan?

He became a titan when he ate his father after the fall of the third wall but as he did not know about his powers , his powers lay dormant until the beard titan ate him and awakened his powers as he was on the verge of death. Because he has the blood of a titan as well as human.

Why can't Eren turn into a Titan?

He simply didn't have the energy left to transform. A Shifter can indeed transform whilst being heavily injured, like Reiner and Bert did: But that's only if a transformation had not recently occurred before. Season 2 Eren was still getting accustomed to his Titan Powers.

Is it true Eren becoming a villain?

When Attack on Titan first began, Eren Yeager was the main protagonist of the series. However, over the years, he became an antagonist, being the final enemy that many other main characters—including his friends—would fight against.

Why did Eren turn evil?

Similar to witnessing Carla's death, seeing his friends die caused Eren a lot of pain, resulting in him becoming an antagonist. The more friends he lost, the darker Eren became, until he would have let all of his friends die if it meant killing his enemies.

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