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Why did Madara give Obito his Rinnegan?

  1. Why did Madara give Obito his Rinnegan?
  2. Did Obito take Nagato's Rinnegan?

Why did Madara give Obito his Rinnegan?

He transplanted the Rinnegan without anyone noticing (that's how it was mentioned) and had Obito use Nagato for the plan. But the ultimate purpose was to revive Madara Uchiha, himself and become the ten tails jinchuriki and cast Infinite Tsukuyomi on the world. , studied at Govt.

Did Obito take Nagato's Rinnegan?

After Nagato's death, Obito took it upon himself to take the Rinnegan and make sure that the Tsuki no Me plan comes to fruition. Although not as adept at using the Rinnegan as Nagato, he did manage to create his own Six Paths, which gave even Naruto some trouble.

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