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How old is Obito age?

  1. How old is Obito age?
  2. At what age Obito died?
  3. How old was Obito when he died in war?
  4. Is Rin older than obito?

How old is Obito age?

When Obito attacked the village, Kakashi should be like 13-14 and Obito 17-18 since 12 years after that, in Part 1 Kakashi was like 26. So Obito should be pretty much 4 years older than Kakashi and can't be 26 in Naruto btw. 31 in Shippuden.

At what age Obito died?

aged 31However, one of the greatest surprises in anime history revealed Tobi was in fact Obito Uchiha and he was subtly controlling the Akatsuki organization. Obito played a significant role in the Fourth Great Ninja War. However, after redeeming his evil actions, Obito died aged 31.

How old was Obito when he died in war?

Obito was nearly 14/15 during his boulder crush. During the Uchiha massacre he was 24/25 years old. He was 32/33 when he was introduced in Naruto Shippuden. And when he actually died,he was nearly 35.

Is Rin older than obito?

10–6=4, so Obito and Rin are 4 years older than Kakashi. Another way of calculating: Kakashi became a Genin at 5, and Obito and Rin became Genin at 9.

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