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Which episode does Goku get married?

  1. Which episode does Goku get married?
  2. Did Goku get married?
  3. Who is Goku going to marry?
  4. Do Goku and Chi-Chi get married?

Which episode does Goku get married?

"Son Goku's Marriage") is the fifteenth episode of the Piccolo Jr. Saga and the one hundred thirty-seventh episode in the Dragon Ball series. This episode first aired in Japan on December 7, 1988.

Did Goku get married?

With all the drama out of the way, Chi-Chi and Goku were officially engaged, and even though Goku was still rather naive in the ways of love, he clearly cared for Chi-Chi by the time they got married. We actually got to see their wedding in the last episodes of Dragon Ball.

Who is Goku going to marry?

They eventually faced each other in a tournament match, after winning the match, Goku is shocked to realize that his opponent was in fact Chi-Chi, who had grown up as he had. Being a good-natured man, Goku decides to keep his promise of settling down with Chi-Chi, and publicly announces that he will marry her.

Do Goku and Chi-Chi get married?

Goku proposed to Chichi during their fight in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. Then there was some filler about the Ox King's Castle, a magical fan, and a wedding dress. They got married after that.

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