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How was Yagura killed?

  1. How was Yagura killed?
  2. How did Yagura survive Amaterasu?

How was Yagura killed?

Yagura, being the strongest shinobi in his village at that time, was elected as the Fourth Mizukage. Yagura being defeated by Itachi. Before he could continue his efforts, Itachi Uchiha was able to immobilise Yagura with Amaterasu, allowing the Uchiha to escape.

How did Yagura survive Amaterasu?

Beast Cloak So while Yagura is in the beast form, the beast's chakra was constantly healing while Amaterasu was burning. Eventually Amaterasu's power overtook Yagura's beast forum, thus forcing him to revert back his human state.

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