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Why was Fresca discontinued?

  1. Why was Fresca discontinued?
  2. Is Fresca being discontinued 2020?
  3. Do they still make Fresca?

Why was Fresca discontinued?

Then, Fresca was suddenly difficult — or nearly impossible — to find. The coronavirus pandemic made it hard to find a number of foods, including beverages, due to an unexpected aluminum can shortage, and a shortage of CO2. Luckily, those shortages are over, and Fresca is back.

Is Fresca being discontinued 2020?

According to Coca-Cola, there are no plans to discontinue Fresca. It has been in short supply during the pandemic but should be back to normal availability within the next few months.

Do they still make Fresca?

Currently, Fresca has been rebranded as "Fresca Sparkling Soda Water", reformulated in four flavors – Grapefruit Citrus, Black Cherry Citrus, Peach Citrus and Blackberry Citrus – and described as "The original no sugar, no calorie sparkling beverage"....Fresca.VariantsFresca

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