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How many Titans Eren has killed?

  1. How many Titans Eren has killed?
  2. How much of the population did Eren destroy?
  3. Does Eren kill the humans?
  4. How many lives does Eren have left?
  5. Who kills Eren Jaeger?

How many Titans Eren has killed?

If I remember correctly, he has only killed 1 titan. This was back in season 2 episode 4 or 5. And that's about it. His first and only kill in human form.

How much of the population did Eren destroy?

Eren literally killed 80% of the world's population (more than 6 billion people). In case you didn't read the manga,now you know. Considering that Eren is leading a horde of giant Titans to try to end the world and that he influenced his father to slaughter a huge group of people? Eren.

Does Eren kill the humans?

Eren's actions, both in Liberio, but especially the Rumbling are downright evil. Eren by the end of the series has killed 80% of humanity. This is probably the worst crime one could ever commit.

How many lives does Eren have left?

Eret has a farm of sheep with pink wool. They place blocks of wool, named "You Matter ♡," in chests around the entire SMP. On her first day, Puffy decided to release them all from the fenced area, resulting in the killing of the escaped sheep. They have only non canonically died 29 times.

Who kills Eren Jaeger?

Eren once again proves to be the better fighter between the two, but Armin manages to immobilize him long enough for Mikasa to enter his Titan's mouth and and kill Eren by severing his head from the spine, before kissing him goodbye.

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