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Is Best Jeanist actually dead?

  1. Is Best Jeanist actually dead?
  2. Did Best Jeanist lose his quirk?

Is Best Jeanist actually dead?

It has been confirmed that Best Jeanist didn't die after AFO almost killed him, seeing as though it shows him talking to The Winged Hero, Hawks. Another answer, for the people who think Hawks wouldn't do that, is that Best Jeanist faked his death to help Hawks get in the League of Villains.

Did Best Jeanist lose his quirk?

After a bit of monologuing on All For One's part, Best Jeanist decided it was time he acted. He tried to use his Fiber Quirk on the baddie, but All For One countered by skewering Best Jeanist through the chest. The stylish hero flopped back bloodied, and his eyes went blank at the massive injury.

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