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Who is the most intelligent Titan?

  1. Who is the most intelligent Titan?
  2. Who is the intelligent Titan?
  3. Who are the 9 intelligent Titans?
  4. Can pure Titans be intelligent?
  5. What is Levi Ackerman IQ?
  6. Is Falco royal blood?
  7. Is Zeke Yeager smart?
  8. Did Falco turn people into Titans?
  9. Is Zeke related to Falco?
  10. What happened Dina Fritz?
  11. How smart is Pieck?
  12. Why did Porco let Falco eat him?
  13. How did Porco Galliard get the jaw Titan?

Who is the most intelligent Titan?

Armin Arlelt is the most quintessentially intelligent character in the series. He is curious and book smart along with being a brilliant tactician.

Who is the intelligent Titan?

Ymir's Titan is one of the intelligent Titans and has a high amount of speed and agility. The current possessor of this Power is Ymir, another fellow cadet. She got it from eating Marcel, a friend of Bertholdt, Annie and Reiner's.

Who are the 9 intelligent Titans?

The Nine Titans are- Colossal Titan (Armin Arlert), Armoured Titan (Reiner Braun), Founding and Attack Titan (Eren Yeager), Beast Titan (Zeke Yeager), Female Titan (Annie Leonhart), Jaw Titan (Porco), Cart Titan (Pieck), and the War Hammer Titan (Ms. Tybur).

Can pure Titans be intelligent?

It talked in complete sentences unlike Ms. Springer who only managed a hoarse whisper. So, in conclusion this titan is the most intelligent pure titan, excluding aberrants.

What is Levi Ackerman IQ?

There's nothing Levi has done to put his intelligence on par with Shikamaru's. The man's IQ is above 200. He defeated an immortal as a teenager. He is the strategist for the most powerful village in the world.

Is Falco royal blood?

If so would falco have royal blood to? - Quora. No, Grice doesn't have royal blood as far as we know. Grice is his last name (he probably has a first name but IDK) and he was an Eldian Restorationist who was in the same group as Grisha Yeager. Grice is also Falco and Colt's uncle.

Is Zeke Yeager smart?

Zeke was a very intelligent and curious man. He tried to communicate with Mike Zacharias in order to get information about the vertical maneuvering equipment and learn about Mike's language, though such curiosity was often characterized by a marked callous detachment.

Did Falco turn people into Titans?

Once Falco ate Galliard, he became a titan shifter, so now he can turn into a titan at will, even though his first time turning into a titan was a little rocky because he wasn't used to his new form.

Is Zeke related to Falco?

Originally one of the main candidates to inherit the Armored Titan power, Falco possessed the Jaw Titan, having inadvertently inherited it from Porco Galliard after being turned into a Pure Titan by Zeke Yeager.

What happened Dina Fritz?

Dina is torn apart and eaten Five years later, after Eren had already joined the Survey Corps, Dina appears again before Eren and Mikasa outside the Titan Forest during the military's pursuit of the Armored Titan.

How smart is Pieck?

Personality. Pieck walks on all fours even while human Pieck is shown to be somewhat sweet and kind, consistently shown to care about her fellow Warriors and the Warrior candidates. She is incredibly intelligent, able to quickly deduce a situation.

Why did Porco let Falco eat him?

Porco was completely helpless, injured, and not being able to recover so Porco wants him to be eaten and not Reiner also Reiner was inside the armor but Porco was completely wide open…………………………………………. So Falco just ate him easily.

How did Porco Galliard get the jaw Titan?

From inside a military headquarters in Shiganshina District, Galliard takes his Jaw Titan form after Pieck leads Eren Yeager onto the roof. Bursting through the building from beneath Eren's position, the Jaw Titan fails to fully devour its target, with Eren subsequently transforming.

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