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Is Orochimaru still a villain in Boruto?

  1. Is Orochimaru still a villain in Boruto?
  2. Does Orochimaru fight in Boruto?
  3. What Orochimaru doing in Boruto?
  4. Is Orochimaru turned good?
  5. Why does Orochimaru turn good?

Is Orochimaru still a villain in Boruto?

No. The transformation we see in Naruto Shippuden is genuine. Orochimaru isn't necessarily an ally to Konoha but he isn't an enemy. Konoha mostly doesn't like him because he still runs a lot of dark experiments but he's done enough for Naruto to allow Mitsuki to join the Academy.

Does Orochimaru fight in Boruto?

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations brought Orochimaru back to the fight in order to take on a member of Kara in the newest episode. Although Victor's head grows back and he counter attacks, Orochimaru laughs to himself as he's the master of body regeneration techniques.

What Orochimaru doing in Boruto?

What Is He Doing in Boruto? Orochimaru is currently researching the Otsutsuki clan in Boruto and helping Naruto and Sasuke find a way to defeat them. He is doing this so that Mitsuki would be allowed to enter the Shinobi school.

Is Orochimaru turned good?

Orochimaru never changed from good to bad. He always did whatever he felt like to become immortal and/or more powerful. He wanted to kill Sarutobi,hence he invaded the Hidden Leaf Village. He joined Akatsuki, because he wanted to be more powerful and steal some of their techniques(especially Sharingan from Itachi).

Why does Orochimaru turn good?

After realizing his own inadequacy, Orochimaru conceded that he could never take Sasuke's body and relinquished the fate of the world to his former protégé. From here on out, Orochimaru is treated like he's been redeemed. He received a pardon for his help during the war, which led him into Konoha's good graces.

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