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Is Frost stronger than Frieza?

  1. Is Frost stronger than Frieza?
  2. Is Piccolo stronger than Frost?
  3. Why is Frost so weak?
  4. Is Frost as bad as Frieza?
  5. Why did Goku let Frost win?
  6. Are there female frost demons?
  7. Why is Piccolo weak?

Is Frost stronger than Frieza?

Frost is much mentally weaker than Frieza. Frost uses poison, Frieza would find that beneath him. Frieza has a much stronger sense of self, much more willpower etc.

Is Piccolo stronger than Frost?

In the Universe 6 Saga, it's proven that - in a fair fight - Piccolo can beat Frost with his Special Beam Cannon, even if Frost is stronger than him. Considering the struggles that Goku goes through with Frost, it appears that Piccolo is more powerful than Goku's base form, but perhaps not any stronger than that.

Why is Frost so weak?

Frost is unable to move, and Piccolo tells him that once he's finished charging his Special Beam Cannon, he'll fire it at Frost. Frost however then uses his poison against Piccolo, causing him to become extremely weak and drowsy.

Is Frost as bad as Frieza?

It was then revealed by Vados that Frost was not a good person, he was actually similar to Frieza, Frost also revealed his true personality by giving an evil smirk towards Champa.

Why did Goku let Frost win?

The reason why both Goku and Piccolo lost to frost is because they weren't aware Frost was cheating, It wasn't until Jaco called out Frost everyone was aware he was cheating, When Vegeta was facing against Frost he knew what types of weapons he had in his sleeves and thus didn't toy around with him as Goku did.

Are there female frost demons?

All Frost Demons are males and they reproduce asexually, much like the Namekians.

Why is Piccolo weak?

Piccolo is weak because he part of a weaker race, Namekians. The race doesn't have any transformations, unlike Saiyans. Piccolo also gave up trying to be the strongest and now mentors other fighters.

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