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What is Gowther's commandment?

  1. What is Gowther's commandment?
  2. Is Gowther really Ten Commandments?
  3. Is Gowther a traitor?

What is Gowther's commandment?

Gowther was bestowed with the Commandment of Selflessness「 無欲 むよく , Muyoku」. It causes those inflicted by its curse to lose their memories, feelings, and entire sense of self.

Is Gowther really Ten Commandments?

Gowther is actually revealed to be "Gowther the Selfless" of the 10 Commandments. Gowther was a part of the 10 commandments long before the war between the clans even started.

Is Gowther a traitor?

Gowther's lack of understanding does have ties to his heartless disposition, but that doesn't excuse all the seemingly harmless misunderstandings he comes across. It's not exactly traitor territory, but it does lead to some rather destructive tendencies for this sin.

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