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Who is the real Meliodas?

  1. Who is the real Meliodas?
  2. Is Meliodas a human?
  3. Who is Meliodas in the Bible?
  4. What is Meliodas demon name?
  5. Who is Meliodas bestfriend?

Who is the real Meliodas?

Meliodas, (Meliadas or Mediodas) is a figure in Arthurian legend in the 13th-century Prose Tristan and subsequent accounts. In Thomas Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur, he is the second king of Lyonesse, son of Felec of Cornwall and vassal of King Mark.

Is Meliodas a human?

Despite his adolescent appearance, Meliodas is actually a demon who is over three thousand years old. Meliodas is later revealed to be the son of the Demon King and original leader of the Ten Commandments, possessing the fragment of his father's soul embodying Love.

Who is Meliodas in the Bible?

Meliodas is a Former commandment. He used to be the captain of the 10 commandments, but he changed sides and betrayed them. He was instrumental in their loss in the holy war 3000 years ago.

What is Meliodas demon name?

Meliodas「メリオダス」 is the Dragon's Sin of Wrath and captain of the Seven Deadly Sins, formerly the owner of the renowned tavern Boar Hat, and is the main protagonist of the series. His Sacred Treasure is the Demon Sword Lostvayne and his inherent power is Full Counter.

Who is Meliodas bestfriend?

Ban, the Fox Sin of Greed, respects Meliodas as his captain and considers him his best friend for being only the second person to accept him for what he is.

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