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How many doppelgangers were there of Elena?

  1. How many doppelgangers were there of Elena?
  2. Is Tatia Elena's doppelgänger?
  3. Who is elenas first doppelgänger?
  4. Is Amara Elena's doppelgänger?
  5. Who is Klaus doppelganger?
  6. Did Nadia kids Vampire Diaries?
  7. Do we all have a doppelganger?
  8. Is a doppelganger evil?
  9. Do doppelgangers have the same DNA?

How many doppelgangers were there of Elena?

The Vampire Diaries: The 7 Doppelgangers, Ranked. Elena's and Stefan's doppelgangers, or magical doubles created by the universe, played a big part in The Vampire Diaries. We're ranking all seven!

Is Tatia Elena's doppelgänger?

In Bringing Out The Dead, Elijah Mikaelson mentioned that they met Tatia after they moved to the New World. That indicated that she was born in the New World. She and her second doppelgänger Elena are the only known Petrova doppelgängers to be born in the New World.

Who is elenas first doppelgänger?

TatiaTatia is the first doppelgänger of the Petrova bloodline while Katherine is the second and Elena is the third and final doppelgänger. As of the eighth season, Elena Gilbert is the last living member of the Petrova family.

Is Amara Elena's doppelgänger?

Amara was the personal handmaiden of Qetsiyah, who was also a powerful witch in her own right. Silas manipulated Qetsiyah into creating an immortality spell by telling Qetsiyah that he didn't ever want to be parted from her, not even by death.

Who is Klaus doppelganger?

Tatia who Klaus and Elijah loved was a doppelgänger Esther used her blood to make the spell for vampirism since she's a direct link to the first ever immortals Silas and Amara.

Did Nadia kids Vampire Diaries?

Nadia never mentioned having children, but since Klaus killed Katherine's entire family, there was nobody else to keep the bloodline going except for Nadia's offspring.

Do we all have a doppelganger?

Believe it or not, scientists say that statistically, every person has roughly SIX doppelgangers out there in the world.

Is a doppelganger evil?

Traditionally, they have been viewed as sinister or even evil entities. Seeing a doppelganger has also been considered an omen of misfortune or bad luck. Most often today, however -- as reports of doppelgangers show -- they seem to be neither sinister nor evil, nor do they herald streaks of bad luck.

Do doppelgangers have the same DNA?

No. The only person any person has the same DNA is the same person. Not even identical twins have the same DNA as each other, although their DNA is closer than a clone would be to its gene doner, according to those who purport to know.

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