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Can snapshot increase my rate?

  1. Can snapshot increase my rate?
  2. Is snapshot safe to use?
  3. Who is Snapshot good for?
  4. How much discount does Snapshot give you?
  5. Can you cheat Progressive snapshot?

Can snapshot increase my rate?

Yes. Progressive Snapshot can raise your rates, unlike the usage-based insurance programs offered by some other major auto insurance providers. Roughly 20% of drivers see their auto insurance rates increase after using Snapshot, according to Progressive.

Is snapshot safe to use?

Snapshot 2.5 TG is pet-safe if used as directed. Keep pets out of the area while the product is being applied and watered in, and until the area is thoroughly dry.

Who is Snapshot good for?

Progressive Snapshot is worth it for safe, low mileage drivers who do not mind being monitored for insurance purposes in return for savings of up to up to 15%. On the other hand, drivers who frequently drive at night or in heavy traffic are less likely to benefit, as are careless drivers.

How much discount does Snapshot give you?

On average, Snapshot drivers receive a $37 discount simply for signing up with the program. You'll then get a rate based on how you actually drive. Snapshot also offers a discount after you complete the program and renew your auto policy with Progressive (which is typically after six months).

Can you cheat Progressive snapshot?

Don't try to cheat Progressive Snapshot. If you don't like the idea of constant monitoring, take advantage of Progressive's other auto insurance discounts — including its safe driver discount — to get your rates down.

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