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What is Yagami Light personality?

  1. What is Yagami Light personality?
  2. What was Light Yagami's IQ?
  3. Is light from Death Note a serial killer?
  4. Is Yagami Light good or bad?
  5. What MBTI is killua?
  6. Who has more IQ L or light?
  7. Is light smarter than L?
  8. Is L Good or bad?
  9. What's Kenma's personality type?
  10. Is Death Note real?
  11. What personality type is Levi Ackerman?
  12. What personality type is Sugawara?

What is Yagami Light personality?

intelligent, charming, and manipulative. At first glance, Light might seem like your average overachieving, hyper-responsible teenager – and to most, that's all he is. Beneath this polite veneer, however, lurks a darker personality, one whose clashing high ideals and cynical disgust cause him to adopt extreme methods.

What was Light Yagami's IQ?

Originally Answered: What is Light Yagami's IQ? Yagami Light's IQ: 215–230. A lot of people fail to understand that an IQ test measures certain types of abilities in relation to short-term memory, analytical thinking, spatial recognition and more.

Is light from Death Note a serial killer?

Light Yagami is one of the most insidious killers in anime history, originating from the Death Note story. However, he isn't the only Kira that posed a grave threat. Yoshikage Kira was a serial murderer who used his Stand, Deadly Queen, to incinerate his victims and leave virtually no evidence behind for his pursuers.

Is Yagami Light good or bad?

Light is the villain of Death Note - and a serious serial killer, at that. Even people who are new to anime are well aware that Light Yagami, the main protagonist of Death Note, is not a traditional villain. At times, he ruthlessly eradicates his enemies and comes off as one of the most gruesome villains.

What MBTI is killua?

Killua is a clear INFP. People of this personality type are loyal friends and tend to be idealistic. Even though he was trained from birth to look at things rationally, Killua almost always makes decisions based on his emotions.

Who has more IQ L or light?

To L it was clear that Light was very intelligent and even more so than him, but L had sufficient experience and his ability was by no means lesser than Light's Given the official rankings of the characters it is easy to say that Light's IQ is about 15 From L.

Is light smarter than L?

L Lawliet is smarter than Light Yagami, in fact, he's the smartest character in Death Note. L's IQ may be lower than Light's but his deduction skills, planning and eye for detail far surpass Kira's.

Is L Good or bad?

They're both evil but with some good intention. Light consider himself as a god and went mad trying to make this world pure. L is also somehow evil. His character kinda ( a little bit ) reminds me of Hisoka from hunter x hunter, just want to fight strong opponent to have fun.

What's Kenma's personality type?

1 INTP, The Logician - Kenma Kozume.

Is Death Note real?

In 2006, dedicated Japanese fans discovered a one-shot story called The Miraculous Notebook by Shigeru Mizuki, which some claimed was the inspiration for Death Note. However, recent archaeological evidence suggests that "Death Note" may have existed in ancient China long before the birth of Japanese comics.

What personality type is Levi Ackerman?

Levi: INTJ. Firstly i thought he was obviously ISTP, he's practical and skilled.

What personality type is Sugawara?

Sugawara is the perfect INFP due to his super good nature and always searching for the good in others. He brings it out in every one his team, even Kageyama who takes the same position as setter as he does.

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