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How did Arya Stark get her eyesight back?

  1. How did Arya Stark get her eyesight back?
  2. How does Arya Stark go blind?
  3. Why did they take aryas sight?
  4. Why was Arya blinded Reddit?
  5. Why did Arya see her own face?

How did Arya Stark get her eyesight back?

A blind Arya is forced to beg on the streets of Braavos. Her fellow acolyte, the Waif, arrives daily to attack her. Eventually, Jaqen brings Arya back to the House of Black and White and restores her vision.

How does Arya Stark go blind?

In the Game of Thrones Season 5 Finale Arya Stark becomes blind, because she killed a man who was not hers to kill.

Why did they take aryas sight?

They blind her but it's a part of her training, in the books all faceless men undergo the blind training. They have planned to blind Arya when she's older but after she kills Dareon they need to hide her. Once she's blind she needs a lot of time to adjust to darkness and learn how to move around.

Why was Arya blinded Reddit?

In the show she goes blind in the first place because she uses a face as Arya Stark, but the Faces are for no one, for some one they are like poison. Jaqen gives Arya nothing to drink like the kindly man in the books. There Arya goes blind from a substance in the Milk, that she drinks everyday.

Why did Arya see her own face?

Arya sees herself among the other faces because Jaqen wants her to see that she too can be everybody and any other FM can use her face once she becomes No One.

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