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What can kill Doomsday?

  1. What can kill Doomsday?
  2. What is Doomsday immune to?
  3. Can Doomsday be killed without kryptonite?
  4. Who can defeat Doomsday in Marvel?
  5. Is Doomsday weak to magic?

What can kill Doomsday?

To a certain point, Doomsday is practically impervious to blunt force trauma of a punch from an opponent like Superman, seeing as he has been killed by Superman with his fists. However, Doomsday can be injured by exceptionally powerful blows though not be killed by normal means.

What is Doomsday immune to?

Doomsday was immensely resistant to heat, cold, and conventional damage, allowing him to survive in the most inhospitable worlds, or in the vacuum of space. His superhuman endurance and invulnerability were able to withstand Darkseid's full-powered "Omega Effect" without any apparent damage.

Can Doomsday be killed without kryptonite?

He was the result of an experiment to test the limits of self-evolution. He can't even be killed by any natural and even most unnatural means. Kryptonite has shown zero effect on Doomsday.

Who can defeat Doomsday in Marvel?

Hyperion could easily take down Doomsday because he has shown feats not even Superman has been able to do. Once he stopped two planets from colliding and survived being sandwiched between two massive celestial objects.

Is Doomsday weak to magic?

Magic: Doomsday seems to still have the Kryptonian vulnerability to magic, as he was vulnerable to Wonder Woman's Sword, which was able to chop off one of his hands, in which a bone protrusion grew in its place.

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