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How strong is Hinata really?

  1. How strong is Hinata really?
  2. Who is stronger Ino or Hinata?
  3. How strong is Hinata part1?
  4. Who is stronger Ino or Sakura?
  5. Who can Hinata beat in Naruto?
  6. Is shizune stronger than Sakura?
  7. Can Shino beat Sakura?
  8. Can Hinata beat pain?
  9. Has Hinata ever won a fight?
  10. How strong is shizune?
  11. Is kushina stronger than Sakura?
  12. Who has Hinata beaten?

How strong is Hinata really?

3 Her Strength Although not the strongest Kunoichi, Hinata is more than capable of holding her own against any enemy. By adulthood, her skills are comparable to Neji himself, which just goes to show how far she's come.

Who is stronger Ino or Hinata?

In naruto shippuden, Ino could easily take on Hinata. Hinata is really weak minded, so Ino has a very big edge with her mind transferring technique. Ino cant actually hurt her opponents with her abilities unless there is a cliff nearby... Hinata is actually a trained combatant.

How strong is Hinata part1?

In part 1 she is around six in the Konoha 12 with Shino and Kiba close on her heels. In part 2 she still maintains her spot more less and around high Chunin to low Jonin since she has been training with Neji and has been stated have outlasted him when using the Byakugan during the war.

Who is stronger Ino or Sakura?

Sakura is much stronger than Ino. Into can use her mind transfer, but it requires the opponent to be still. She can also use medical ninjutsu, and a bit of Taijutsu but nothing special. Sakura is the best medical nin in the world, her medical abilities easily beating Ino's.

Who can Hinata beat in Naruto?

Naruto: 5 One Piece Characters Hinata Can Beat (& 5 She Can't)7 Can't Beat: Robin – Can Incapacitate Hinata With Her Devil Fruit.8 Can Beat: Buggy – Hinata can simply deflect all of Buggy's limbs before they get close. 9 Can't Beat: Kaido – His Body Is Just Too Durable. 10 Can Beat: Sanji – He Would Never Fight A Woman.

Is shizune stronger than Sakura?

11 Shizune She's certainly a better medical ninja than Sakura is and even directed the Logistical Support and Medical Division of the Allied forces during the Fourth Shinobi World War. Shizune can hold her own in a fight, even taking on Kabuto one-on-one, but she relies on poison more than brute strength.

Can Shino beat Sakura?

Despite her accolades, Sakura has no means of effectively countering Shino's insects as they cling to her body and deprive her of her chakra. With the woman's strength being contingent upon it, she would soon be denied of her only tool by which she could hope to defeat the ninja in the first place.

Can Hinata beat pain?

Hinata decides to come to Naruto's aid as he was about to manipulated by Nagato's Chakra receivers, finally admitting her love for Naruto as she fights a losing battle against Pain. But despite knowing may likely die, Hinata remains adamant before she is quickly defeated and seemingly stabbed by Pain.

Has Hinata ever won a fight?

When the two are paired to face each other during the second stage of the Chūnin Exams it appears Hinata might be committing suicide by facing off against her cousin. While she does lose the match, she wins a small victory by refusing to surrender even under Neji's punishment.

How strong is shizune?

Her three highest stats are hand seals, intelligence, and ninjutsu, which rank at a perfect five, and then two four-and-a-half, respectively. Her genjutsu and speed both sit at a four, stamina is an average three, her strength is two-and-a-half, and lastly, her taijutsu sits at a two.

Is kushina stronger than Sakura?

So yes Sakura Haruno has become stronger but she does not have the raw power or skill set that Kushina holds.

Who has Hinata beaten?

Her wins were defeating some Zetsu clones and Ten-Tails fissions, not exactly something to brag about, and defeating Hanabi in the Boruto Shinden Light Novel but that's about it.

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