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What is Goku's base form?

  1. What is Goku's base form?
  2. What is Goku's power level base form?
  3. Why is Goku base form so weak?
  4. Is Goku base form stronger than Super Saiyan?
  5. What is Goku SSJ power level?
  6. Is Goku still a God?
  7. Is Base Gohan stronger than base Goku?
  8. Can Jiren transform?
  9. How is base Gohan so strong?
  10. Can Gohan surpass Goku?
  11. Why is Goku so weak in Dragon Ball super?

What is Goku's base form?

11 Base Goku Let's start with the basic form. Goku, in his base form, is still a force to be reckoned with. He spent all of Dragon Ball, after all, in this form (with a couple of noticeable exceptions). While iconic, Base Goku often discounts this form in order to transform into something far more super.

What is Goku's power level base form?

According to my power-level tracker, which uses Imperfect Cell as the original measuring stick, base form Goku is at a power level of 100 billion.

Why is Goku base form so weak?

Goku was born as an incredibly weak saiyan, as shown in the movie, broly, and was hence sent to earth by bardock so that he can grow and have a normal life, so to all those people who say goku is Over powered, yeah! he was one of the weakest saiyan.

Is Goku base form stronger than Super Saiyan?

Yes. But not because or Ultra Instinct or anything like that. Goku kept training his base form. As his base form grew stronger so did his other forms grow stronger.

What is Goku SSJ power level?

The highest power level ever officially stated in the Daizenshuu guides is Super Saiyan Goku's power level of 150,000,000 while battling Frieza on Namek. The overall highest power level officially stated was 5,300,000,000 for Frieza's power level in Dragon Ball Z: The Real 4-D.

Is Goku still a God?

No, Goku is not a God. Goku can use God Ki and Ultra Instinct, but you either need to be born a God like King Kai or become a God of Destruction like Beerus.

Is Base Gohan stronger than base Goku?

Base Goku is most likely stronger than Base Gohan, BUT not by that much. They could even be even honestly. One common opponent that Goku and Gohan had in the Tournament of Power was Jimeze.

Can Jiren transform?

9 He Doesn't Do Transformations He usually prefers meditation and concentrating his energy at one point to be in the best shape. That's why one can see the calm around Jiren's gigantic amounts of Ki. He can get bulkier if he wants to but that's not necessarily a transformation.

How is base Gohan so strong?

During the Buu Sagas, he trained with Supreme Kai and had his potential unleashed by old Kai. If Gohan trained consistently, he would be a lot stronger than he is now. He got a massive power boost from Old Kai which put him above Buu Saga SSJ3 Goku. And he trained with Piccolo which made him a very smart fighter.

Can Gohan surpass Goku?

Originally Answered: Can Gohan still surpass Goku? Yes, he can. It's often noted that his potential is even greater than Goku and Vegeta's. However, he doesn't like to fight and only does so when threat arises.

Why is Goku so weak in Dragon Ball super?

Uhhhh, what do you mean?, if you mean “Why is Goku weak compared to the other people like Jiren” Then its because simply, Goku has not trained as much as Jiren has, or Jiren has VERY HIGH potential as a kid that made him much stronger then Goku.

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