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Is Goku the mother of Gine?

  1. Is Goku the mother of Gine?
  2. Is Gine stronger than Goku?
  3. Is Gine a Super Saiyan?
  4. Is Gine strong DBZ?

Is Goku the mother of Gine?

Bardock... Gine (ギネ, Gine) is a female Saiyan whom was formerly a low-class Saiyan warrior, the wife of Bardock, and the mother of Raditz and Goku.

Is Gine stronger than Goku?

Goku fight on Earth in Dragon Ball Z. Now Gine, on the other hand, is much weaker than Bardock. Some estimate her power level to be around 1,100. Theoretically, she is stronger than Goku up until Vegeta and Nappa's arrival in DBZ.

Is Gine a Super Saiyan?

The mother of Goku turned a lot of heads when she made her first appearance in the latest film of the Dragon Ball franchise, and one fan has decided to introduce Gine in a far more powerful form by giving her a Super Saiyan transformation for the first time.

Is Gine strong DBZ?

Superhuman Strength: As a Saiyan Warrior turned Goddess of Destruction, Gine has a tremendous level of superhuman strength, powerful enough to be comparable to that of a God of Destruction.

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