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Is Luffy really Gol D Roger's son?

  1. Is Luffy really Gol D Roger's son?
  2. Is Ace actually Gold Roger's son?
  3. Is Ace a son of Dragon?
  4. Who are Monkey D Luffy's parents?
  5. Who is Sabo's dad?

Is Luffy really Gol D Roger's son?

No, not directly at least. The fact that they both have the D initial means they are both from the D clan, so they are related in that sense. However, luffy is not roger's son, or grandson or nephew or anything like that. Luffy's father is dragon.

Is Ace actually Gold Roger's son?

Ace, born as Gol D. Ace and nicknamed "Fire Fist" Ace, was the sworn older brother of Luffy and Sabo, and the biological son of the late Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, and Portgas D. Rouge.

Is Ace a son of Dragon?

Ace was Dragon's son, Emporio Ivankov expected that Dragon would go to Marineford to save Ace, showing that Dragon holds love and care towards his family and possibly his son, Luffy, despite not being involved in his childhood.

Who are Monkey D Luffy's parents?

Monkey D. DragonMonkey D. Luffy/Parents

Who is Sabo's dad?

Outlook IIIOutlook III, Sabo's father. Outlook III, Sabo's father is a stereotypical noble, treating Ace and Luffy as trash, and panicking about being contaminated when Bluejam got their blood onto him during a beating, claiming that he needed to be decontaminated.

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