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Who is Rock Lee's real dad?

  1. Who is Rock Lee's real dad?
  2. Who is might guy's son?
  3. Who is the son of Rock Lee?
  4. Is Rock Lee based off Bruce Lee?
  5. Is Rock Lee jonin?

Who is Rock Lee's real dad?

The closest thing we see in the series to Rock Lee's parent is Maito Guy haha.

Who is might guy's son?

Boba Fett Returns - The LoopeditMight DuyRankNinja RankPart II: GeninNinja Registration003001HideFamily Might Guy (Son)

Who is the son of Rock Lee?

Metal LeeRock Lee/ChildrenYears after the war, Lee marries an unknown woman and has a son named Metal Lee. In the epilogue, Lee is last seen many years later, training with his son. In Boruto: Naruto the Movie, Lee hosts the third stage of the Chunin Exam.

Is Rock Lee based off Bruce Lee?

Rock Lee is a well-loved character from the Naruto series. What are some things you didn't know about Rock Lee? There's the fact that he was heavily modeled after Bruce Lee, from his name and birthday to the circumstances of his injury.

Is Rock Lee jonin?

4 BECAME JONIN: Rock Lee Rock Lee has always been one of Konoha's very strongest shinobi and after the end of the story, he's progressed by leaps and bounds. Like some of his friends, Lee ended up rising to the position of Jonin.

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Does Gaara have a wife in Boruto?

Despite not being married, Gaara does have a child through adoption named Shinki. Much like Gaara, Shinki boasts the Magnet Release Kekkei Genkai and is an extremely formidable sand shinobi wielding Iron Sand.

Who many kids does Gaara have?

Yes he does have a child named Shinki. He has a kekkei genkai and is able to use magnetic release.

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