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Can Meliodas beat Escanor at noon?

  1. Can Meliodas beat Escanor at noon?
  2. Can Meliodas defeat Escanor?
  3. Who is Escanor stronger than?

Can Meliodas beat Escanor at noon?

Meliodas's power level goes up to ~32,000, whereas Escanor's power level in the morning, not even at noon, was well above ~40,000. However, he could beat Escanor in a fight until noon. It is a very complicated back and forth battle between the 2.

Can Meliodas defeat Escanor?

Meliodas, the Demon King's number one replacement, the Former Commander of Ten Elite Commandments, and the Captain of the notorious Seven Deadly Sins. Despite Escanor defeating Meliodas once the reality is that Meliodas is stronger than Escanor. It is not that Escanor is powerless.

Who is Escanor stronger than?

Meliodas is more powerful than escanor. Escanors powers are the powers of an arc angel named mael, and meliodas powers are that of the demon king along with his own. So meliodas has full control over his powers, and escanor using a borrowed power has very little control.

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