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What happened to Vegeta when he died?

  1. What happened to Vegeta when he died?
  2. How did Vegeta and Goku die?
  3. How did Gohan and Vegeta die?
  4. How many times Vegeta dies?
  5. Did Vegeta keep his body?
  6. Who killed cell?
  7. Why does Vegeta always hold his arm?
  8. What happened to Vegetas left arm?
  9. Why does Vegeta wear gloves?

What happened to Vegeta when he died?

But what happened to Vegeta after his two deaths? He is only seen briefly in the afterlife when King Yemma calls on him for an emergency return to Earth after Gohan is absorbed by Majin Buu. Though he's never seen there, it can be safely assumed that Vegeta was sent to hell after his first death.

How did Vegeta and Goku die?

Goku and Vegeta have both died two times each. Goku died fighting Raditz, but was brought back to life almost a year later. Goku died again after sacrificing himself to Shunkan Ido Cell away from the Earth after he tried to self-destruct.

How did Gohan and Vegeta die?

Although Goku tells everybody that Gohan and Vegeta were killed by Majin Buu, this is actually inaccurate, as Gohan was actually knocked unconscious, while Vegeta destroyed himself with a Final Explosion in a failed attempt to kill Majin Buu.

How many times Vegeta dies?

This time he was brought back by the Namekian Dragon Balls. In the future, like many other characters on this list, Vegeta was killed by Android 17 in the Future Trunks' timeline. So Vegeta died three times, and was revived twice, but thankfully still lives on in the series, thanks to alternate timelines.

Did Vegeta keep his body?

There's no "after" for Vegeta. The first time he keeps his body is because Kami pulled some strings for him. The second is because he gave his life to protect the Earth against Cell and Enma allowed him to keep his body again. Vegeta has no such friends in higher places. Once he's gone, he's gone.

Who killed cell?

GohanCell: Killed by Gohan. Gohan and Cell entered a beam struggle with the Father-Son Kamehameha and Solar Kamehameha respectively, and Cell was about to win when Vegeta hit him with an energy ball, allowing Gohan to overpower Cell, completely destroying him.

Why does Vegeta always hold his arm?

The most obvious and likely answer is that his left arm is the site of some chronic wound that flares up under stress. Whenever he takes a beating, that old injury acts up. It's easy to assume that the source of the injury was when Android 18 kicked (and seemingly broke) his left arm when they fought.

What happened to Vegetas left arm?

20 Vegeta Has A Chronic Injury That Never Heals Fans of Dragon Ball Z point to the fact that Android 18 broke Vegeta's arm once with an extremely strong kick. At that age, injuries do take a much heavier toll on the body, and older people are not able to heal as well as younger fighters.

Why does Vegeta wear gloves?

He's a hand model and his contract obliges him to wear gloves when fighting so he doesn't dirty them.

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